1 2 3 DEAD - A Staged Reading Of Miriam Boolsen

22. januar 2018
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1 2 3 DEAD - a Staged Reading of Miriam Boolsen

1 2 3 DEAD is a play about letting go. In the words of the author, “I stole a story from Hans Christian Andersen about a mother searching for her dead child, trying to get it back from Death. I stole it because my father died and I wanted to write a play for my sister who was only a child. I wanted to give her something, because she had lost something.” With this text, Miriam Boolsen may well become one of your favourite contemporary playwrights. Most well-known throughout the Netherlands, where she was trained and wrote professionally for more than a decade, Ms. Boolsen has now resettled in her hometown of Copenhagen. Writing for both international and local audiences, she works comfortably and with humour in her native Danish, while constantly expanding her repertoire of English-language texts. 1 2 3 DEAD has been both published and performed frequently in Dutch, but now receives its Copenhagen premiere with this HIT Staged Reading in English. MONDAY JANUARY 22 @ 19:00 Regular tickets 50 kr, free for season pass holders. Directed by Marc Wortel (Amsterdam, NL) Featuring Thea Glindorf (DK) & Tom Hale (US). The text is written with a grant from Platform Theaterauteurs The reading has received funding support by Danske Dramatikere



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dato 22. januar 2018
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