Beerpong Tournament
+ Afterparty

7. december 2017
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Beerpong tournament + afterparty

Halo! Halo! This week we only have space for 16 Teams in total! Half of the sign ups will take place on spot! So even if you wont get your place, do not worry, there will be still a big chance! :) AND WE ARE GETTING BACK TO OPENING AT 11! :) If you do not remember rules or do not know them just scrool down. :) And remember to like our pages! :) Pitstop & ESN Kolding ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What are we doing? Pitstop, in collaboration with ESN Kolding, are preparing for you weekly events such as of beerpong competition this week! Do you like our events? Are you looking forward for more? Like our page and stay always updated! ESN Kolding + Pitstop! Cheers! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ How to join? Find yourself a partner, name a team and write your names + team name to Bartosz Stankiewicz, and after this join the event, yes it is that simple! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ IMPORTANT The participation is totally FREE, we will even refill your beerpong cups before every game! Cheers! The team is made of 2 people. The number of teams in the tournament is limited, so do not waste your time and sign as soon as possible! The winners will be rewarded with bottle of shots! And the second place team with beers! Don't forget about your supporters to cheer for you and enjoy afterparty together! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For this Thursday the special prices will include: Slots beers for 10kr ALL NIGHT! 10 shots for 50kr ALL NIGHT! Drink for 30 DKK ALL NIGHT! Bottle of spirit with soda 300kr ALL NIGHT! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There will be free entrance ALL-NIGHT but don't get too much time wasted, the party will be on from very beggining! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ IMPORTANT! RULES! Make sure you and your teammate know the rules because not following them might cause you being expelled from the tournament. Also please make sure that one of the players form each team will find me (I'll be on DJ stand most likely) and say that the team is ready to play. 1. Team consist of 2 players and each player can play only in 1 team, no exceptions. 2. To determine who is going to throw the ball first: one person from each team playing against each other is going to play paper, scissors, rock. Team of the person who won throw the balls first. 3. We are going to play with 6 cups. 4. Throwing a ball into cup (later scoring) means that opposite team have to pull the cup and drink beer from it. 5. When team stays only with 3 cups they are supposed to rerack it. Put them into triangle setup. Other reracks are decided between teams. 6. If the team is going to score IN 1 ROUND 2 balls in 2 different cups, the balls are going back to them and they throw again. 7. If the team is going to score IN 1 ROUND 2 balls into the same cup, the opposite team have to drink 3 cups and the balls getting back to team who scored. 8. Scoring a cup with a bouncing trick shot cost the opposite team 2 cups. Scoring the same cup with bouncing ball by 2 players IN ONE ROUND cost the opposite team 4 cups. 9. While shooting the elbow must be behind the edge of the table. If the team will score like this the point will not count. 10. The game is over when all the cups of 1 team are down from the table or after the time limit (6 minutes). 11. If there will be any contentious situations the person in charge of the tournament will make the final decision. 12. Defending is allowed in general. Blowing the ball out of the cap if it is spinning and before it touches the beer and also you can catch the ball or hit it when someone bounce. See you there and good luck!



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