Culturelab #2 The Unblemished Landscape A Performance Art Piece

18. januar 2018
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CultureLab #2 The Unblemished Landscape A performance art piece

CultureLab #2: The Unblemished Landscape - A performance art piece with two performers: Inge Tranter and Patricia Sall Lam Toro in Husets Galleri. Concept We are born with a body, with skin, with a colour. Our bodies grow and expand over time, taking the skin on a journey shaped by our diet, our exposure to the elements and our accidents. This performance examines the landscape of the skin, its eddies and ridges, its pockmarks and hues. In an era in which we are constantly bombarded with images of bodies with their landscapes erased or smoothed, we invite the audience to participate in a performance in which we study the skin of two performers on the opposite ends of the flesh-colour scale, inviting them to map our skins, with the option to edit it, blemish by blemish, landmark by landmark, should they choose to do so. Sted: Husets Galleri Fri entré > > >[offset]=151476120 0



Huset Hasserisgade

Hasserisgade 10,
Aalborg, Danmark

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dato 18. januar 2018
event starter 10:00