Danglish - Lygten Station

15. november 2017
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Danglish - Lygten Station

Conrad Molden DANGLISH A Hyggelicious Comedy Tour Den 15. November 2017 kl. 20.00 Show længde: 1t 45m m. pause Billetpris: 125 kr. Dørene Åbner: 18:00 Sprog:Engelsk Opvarmer: (Ny opvarmer hvert sted.) Mere info: www.conradmolden.dk Show Beskrivelse: "Ahh 2017. Another year to be Danish. To eat good food, drink Gammel Dansk at breakfast, and pay 50% tax. Tosproget, lækreogkloge, it’s a hard life the Danes live. Come see the comedy styling’s of an Englishman that’s fallen in love with our yndige land. Conrad Molden has been living in the glorious nation of Denmark for the last 4 years, performing almost daily in Aarhus, Conrad has also been traveling to all store and små cities in Danmark, and as every audience member who ever saw him has said, “he was skidesjov!” so now Conrad is klar with his very own tour in the country he loves so much."



Lygten Station

Lygten 2,
København NV, Danmark

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dato 15. november 2017
event starter 19:00