Eek A Mouse Live From Jamaica - Christmas A Come

8. december 2017

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Eek A Mouse live From Jamaica - Christmas A Come

Reggae Xmas A Come Copenhagen - Live From Jamaica Featuring EEK A MOUSE Back by Hafizi Crew Support Sky Juice Sound + more Loppen, Christiania, December 8th Doors 21:00 Born Ripton Hylton, Eek-A-Mouse grew up in Trench Town which he calls 'a first-class ghetto' of Kingston, Jamaica and is one of the most individual talents to emerge from the small reggae island. With his unique phrasing and singing style, he became instantly famous and began singing already in elementary school by age 15. In 1981 (24 years old) he scored his breakthrough hit "Wa Do Dem", a song that established his signature vocal acrobatics as a favourite sound with reggae audiences worldwide, topping the charts in Jamaica and England. That same year he convinced the organisers of Jamaica's "Reggae Sunsplash" Festival to let him perform as an unscheduled opening act. He tore the place down with his electrifying performance and had the 40,000-plus audience on its feet screaming for more. He was immediately booked to play two nights at the next year's festival. 1982 brought his first U.S. record deal and he left Kingston and hit the road and has been touring extensively ever since with 150 - 200 concerts a year. Albums like 'U-Neek' (1991), 'Black Cowboy' (1996) and the new 'Eeksperience' strongly proves Eek-A-Mouse's to be one of the best performers Jamaican reggae music has ever seen. Eek-A-Mouse is the originator and finest exponent of that particular form of reggae, which has become known as "sing-jay". Sing-jay is a combination of singing and dee-jaying, (referred to in Jamaica as 'toasting') embellished with an assortment of unusual vocal sound effects. In the percussive and nasal aspects of his vocalisations, Eek-A-Mouse is reminiscent of African and Brazilian singers, with an element of Eastern tonality. The Boston Globe called him "the Al Jarreau of reggae". He also has a great sense of humour and ability to laugh at himself and the world. A fan of horseracing, he consistently lost money on a horse named "Eek-A-Mouse" that never even finished. He finally gave up betting on the horse, which promptly won ! The teasing of his friends led to the new nickname and he decided to keep it. But Eek-A-Mouse is more than an ordinary singer/D.J., which his entertaining live performances are clear evidence of. Legendary show-biz spectacles that combine myriad vocal personalities with elaborate and outrageous stage costumes (gladiator, pirate, jockey, Mexican bandit, Chinese coolie, you name it), is an important part of his stage show, so maybe we will see him dressed up in Copenhagen as a Jamaican Santa Claus.Come one, come all and check out, what the Jamaican cowboy has to offer you for xmas, when he enters the stage in Loppen, Copenhagen Friday the 8th, where the doors open at 21:00. The number one sound system in Denmark Sky Juice Sound System will play both before and after the concert. HAFIZI CREW Roots and dancehall reggae backing band, Hafizi Crew, consists of the most skilled and experienced musicians stemming from the danish reggae music scene. Bass: Mads Krabbe: Played with; Bikstok, Tanya Stephens, Black Dylan, Junior Kelly, Eak A Mouse, Wafande, Klumben og Raske Penge, BliGlad, Natasja a.o.. Keyboards: Troels Kjaer: Played with; Pharfar, Eak A Mouse, Wafande, Von Dü, Karen Mukupa, Kaka a.o.. Drums: Simon Vilmar: Played with; Sanne Salomonsen, Wafande, Oh Land, Ankerstjerne, Black Dylan, Nabiha a.o.. Guitar: Tamhool aka Tormod aka Torben: Played with Alton Ellis, Admiral Bailey, Jah Mason, Half Pint, Gappy Ranks, Peter Belli, Peter A.G., Trolle og Tormod, Cisilia, Lady Saw, Bikstok, Natasja, a.o.. These talented gentlemen have appeared on the Danish reggae scene in the last 10 years. In the 90s Troels and Tamhool was part of the environment around Skyjuice Promotion and Rubadub Sundays, with SupaMikes and Pharfar as primus, opening the Danish underground reggae scene, soon reaching further out to the rest of Denmark, Europe and the rest of the world. Hafizi Crew is a backing band primarily playing roots and dancehall, but the musicians will have no problem engaging other genres. Discover Hafizi Crews intense and fervent reggae unfold live! Sky Juice Sound The year to year Sound is one of the longest living sound in Scandinavia and continues to be realistically focused, with a very strong team of mature selectors who knows how to dip their hands in their record box come up with tunes you don’t hear everyday. Sky Juice Sound single handily introduced “A real Jamaican style” of playing reggae music to Denmark and most of Scandinavia throughout the 90’s and beyond, no surprise that they became a reggae university and inspiration for most sounds and artists in and around Denmark today. Sky Juice Sound is determined to keep the real spirit of sound system alive…The selectors in the crew all have a reputation of pleasing the crowd with real authentic foundation, and conscious reggae dancehall music. Sky Juice Sound consists of Supa Mikes (founder/director)…dj Shorty (coordinator/main selector/artist/ mc)… Speng (mc/vibes machine)…. dc (engineer/main foundation selector/producer)…..Coco mc/vibes machine. Sky Juice Sound myspace




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