Gun Outfit
+ Holm

2. marts 2018

punk pop punk indie

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Gun Outfit + Holm

Lappland live præsenterer: Gun Outfit (US) + Holm Fredag den 2. marts, 2018 Spillestedet Stengade ____________________________ Vi er stolte over at kunne annoncere, at Gun Outfit (US) kommer tilbage til Spillestedet Stengade tidlig næste år i forlængelse af albummet Out Of Range (Paradise of Bachelors, 2017). "Like a stone eroded by years in the arroyo, Gun Outfit’s enveloping “Western expanse” aesthetic of guitar levitations and honky-tonk hexes has become gradually smoother over time. Their fifth LP ranks as their most brutally beautiful statement yet. Drawing from mythologies both classical and postmodern, Out of Range builds a world in which Brueghel the Elder, St. Augustine, and the ancient goddess Cybele ride with John Ford, Samuel Beckett, and Wallace Stevens on a Orphic-Gnostic suicide drive towards the hallucinatory vanishing points of the Southwestern desert, debating the denouement of the decaying American dream." Dreamers wielding slide guitars. A tradition-warping band, with a punk aesthetic deep at the center and double-guitar desert-rock psychedelia at the surface. ­ – The New York Times With its echoing grooves, drifting landscapes, and new textures—bits of bluegrass banjo, homemade electric sitars—it has the blue-sky sensibility of a soul-searching road trip. You want to get lost inside of it, to turn it up on a road trip that lasts for weeks. – Pitchfork ______________________________ Holm Mikkel Holm er bedst kendt som ankermand i punkrockgruppen Yung. I December 2016 udgav han sin første EP under eget navn. De fire numre på EP’en Holm viser en mere nedtonet og legesyg side af den talentfulde sanger. Live på Spillestedet Stengade optræder Mikel Holm med backingband, og vil spille sange fra hans kommende EP, der udkommer i starten af 2018. ______________________________ Lappland live presents: Gun Outfit (US) + Holm Friday March 2nd, 2018 Spillestedet Stengade Tickets - presale: 100 kr ( Tickets - doorsale: 120 kr




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