24. februar 2018
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24. feb. 2018 kl. 21.00 Hamferð (FO) + Support Forsalg: 80,- (ekskl. gebyr) Dør: 100,- kr. Dørene åbner kl. 20.00 Hamferð [Ham:fer]; a Faroese term for the living images of sailors appearing before their loved ones. Multitudes of hardships, tempestuous weather, often woeful isolation, superstitious influences, being at the mercy of the elements… The historical past of The Faroe Islands is where the unique and daring atmospherics of Hamferð are designed through solitary, poetic native lyricism and forward-thinking doom metal. Formed in 2008 the creative ensemble, dressed in funeral black, has followed their own enigmatic and courageous trail. During the course of seven years one EP and one full-length album have been produced. This is a sign of a band being in no hurry to make hollow statements but taking the time they need to create and shape their art before presenting it to the rest of the world where the interest is growing steadily. The sheer strength of the band's music gives way to strong, epic visuals. Thus the band has the ability to turn stages into a beautiful dark ceremony as if being present at a funeral contemplating one's own mortality. Having been on numerous tours with bands like Amorphis, Moonsorrow and Týr and having played plenty of European festivals such as Wacken, Summer Breeze, Tuska, Inferno, SPOT, Eurosonic and others, Hamferð always manages to give a unique and intense live experience due to the strong conceptual nature of the music. A performance at Havnar Kirkja (the oldest cathedral in the capital of Tórshavn) and a live session during the solar eclipse in grand Faroese surroundings are additional examples of the band experimenting on both live and creative fronts, constantly aiming to shape something beautiful and out of the ordinary. Arrangementet og Kansas City er støttet af: Odense Musikudvalg og Statens Kunstfond



Kansas City

Munkebjergvej 140,
Odense, Danmark

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dato 24. februar 2018
event starter 13:00