Hayseed Dixie – Tobakken

24. februar 2018

rock bluegrass

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Hayseed Dixie – Tobakken

‘They are amazing live. Go see them!’ Jeremy Vine, Radio 2 ‘The musicianship is superb.’ Daily Mail ‘Fun in the right bar with the right amount of Jack Daniels…’ The Times ‘Heavy on humour but simultaneously serious in their delivery, these songs make a point that affects us all.’ Country Music Magazine ‘There are damn good songwriters here…’ Country Music magazine ‘Delivered with a commendable disdain for the niceties of fad or fashion.’ Press Association ‘This is a great album for the summer months’ Wales On Sunday Ain’t No Country Big Enough is the second track taken from the 15th Hayseed Dixie album Free Your Mind … And Your Grass Will Follow, which was released in April this year. A self penned tale why love should pay no heed to borders or nations, lead singer John Wheeler explains, “As a man who grew up in the US South in the 70's and 80's during the uncomfortable and often violent process of racial desegregation, a man who has since spent his entire adult life travelling around the world playing music for every sort of person, and a man who moved to the UK over a decade ago to marry someone with Ulster origins, I have a legion of experience with borders, walls, tribal divisions, projected imagined communities, exclusion and inclusion. The subtext of our entire new album is summed up in this one song. To my mind, the 2 biggest lies ever told to working people around the world are that there is such a thing as ‘race’, and that one's nation has a glorious national past that could and must be recaptured if (insert imaginary group here) would stop screwing it all up. As Marvin Gaye sang, "Only love can conquer hate" and "Since we've got to be here, let's live."’ The video, which features campfires, guitars and dancing, was shot in Glasgow in May. The band have recently announced another set of UK live dates, including festivals, with more to be announced. By the end of August 2017, they will have played more than 120 shows in 15 countries, to over 250,000 people.



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dato 24. februar 2018
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