House VS Hiphop

12. august 2017
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House VS Hiphop

<= LINEUP => OG Hostile / Thor Mercer / Filuka / Bobo Pee / Flino / Gigi Torres / McAleer / Jay Derphor / Elijah Okello / Lililuu / RiiX / MT / Zentiakho On Saturday the 12th expect variety. Watch as we switch worlds halfway through the evening, but first we bring the hip hop. We got underground, boom bap, soulful, new school, and some freestyle flavor. Prepare for some sweet African dancehall, and a funk/ soul set to get things going. As the night moves on we will transition to the electronic/dance part of the evening, with live bass and synths not easily forgotten. OG HOSTILE will close the night off djing every possible Sound you could think of, so come and get your mind blown.




Valgårdsvej 2,
Valby, Danmark

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dato 12. august 2017
event starter 20:00