I Am Fire / Alkymist / TBA

24. februar 2018

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I Am Fire / Alkymist / TBA

IAmFire is a creative collective originating in the vision of Mikael Ehlert, Peter Ahlers Olsen and Peter Dolving. IAmFire is an attempt to make heavy rock music, reaching for something positive, something transcendant. A Love Supreme. IAmFire is music for lovers. Music for dance, sex, ritual and battle. IAmFire is music for the free. Kinda groovy. In an epic kind of way. "Psychedelic mindblowing rock in it´s heaviest, most life-affirming and trippiest form. It´s equal parts The Beatles "Revolver", Black Sabbath, and King Crimson in a unique accessible goats head soup of sorts." A L K Y M I S T A four-piece progressive metal / doom / sludge -ensemble from Copenhagen, formed in 2016. With roots in bands such as Detest, Gas Giant, The Ritual and Düreforsög, the members combine and introduce heavy, groovy, evil, brutal, fragile and primordial forces to the world of A L K Y M I S T. In exploring the twilight, A L K Y M I S T carries forward the poetic beauty and brutality of the natural riff.




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Kattesundet 10,
Aalborg, Danmark

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dato 24. februar 2018
event starter 12:00