Ibrahim Electric - Dexter, Odense

30. november 2017

jazz jazz fusion

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Ibrahim Electric - Dexter, Odense

Det kan næppe siges bedre: Each of the band-members possess an extremely high level of musical ENERGY, and they have a mutual love for the pure energy in the music... This has made this unit extraordinary! - Whether Niclas is playing a guitar solo in the spirit of Ali Farka Toure...Jeppe is playing a solo that leads your mind to the Hammond-icons of the 1960’s...or Stefan is playing a drum-solo with avantgarde elements, the one thing that overshines it all, is their love for playing and performing, and the sheer intensity of their expression! - This trio is a fantastic live experience!..an experience which has been delivered so far in Denmark – England – Ireland – Scotland – Poland – Sweden – Norway – Finland – France – Germany – Lithuania – Latvia – Estonia – Netherlands – USA – Canada – Morroco – China – Korea and Thailand!



Ibrahim Electric

Ibrahim Electric er et dansk jazz band med rødder i København

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