Kasper Tranberg Terzet And Tobias Wiklund Quartet And More

11. december 2017

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Kasper Tranberg Terzet and Tobias Wiklund Quartet and more

11 dec kl 19 THE MONDAY BAND Andrius Dereviancenko - tenor sax Michal J. Biel baritone sax Gianluca Elia - tenor sax Andrej Ugoljew - trombone Tyge Jessen - trumpet Timothee Quost - trumpet Grzegorz Tarwid - piano Asger Thomsen - bass Halym Kim - drums the second edition of our newly formed Monday Band. Again the lineup is stellar!! notice that we start at 7pm! kl 20 Tobias Wiklund Quartet Simon Toldam - piano Lasse Mørck - bas Daniel Fredriksson - drums Tobias Wiklund- cornet. for a long time Tobias Wiklund has been one of the greatest cornettists in town. Now he has assembled a very strong quartet with the swinging rhythm section of Fredriksson and Mørk and the fantastic pianist (and former artist in residence) Simon Toldam. a real treat! kl 21 - KASPER TRANBERG TERZET - Kasper Tranberg - cornet, trumpet, flugelhorn Nils Bosse Davidsen - cello and bass Frands Rifbjerg - drums the second residency concert by Kasper Tranberg. its going to be amazing. this is a dream trio of 3 musicians who know each other inside out like a maki roll. kl 22 Røysum/Thomsen/Berre/Kalman Asger Thomsen - bass Egil Kalman - bass Håkon Berre- drums Andreas Røysum - guitar or clarinet Røysum often dreams about music, and after waking up after a particularly heavy sounding one he went sraight to the computer to contact the players from the subconscious band; double bass wizards Egil Kalman and Asger Thomsen, and drummer extraordinaire Håkon Berre. A first meeting of four Mandagsklubben regulars! kl 23 Daniel Rorke / Aksel Jensen / Matthew Jacobson Daniel Rorke (IRL/AUS) - Tenor Saxophone Aksel Jensen (NO) - Bass Matthew Jacobson (IRL) - Drums This will be great! a rare visit from out of town Rorke’s playing combines open, melodic improvisation with a lifelong relationship with the Jazz tradition. Jensen has established himself as one of the most prominent young bass players in Norway. When not playing with the full spectrum of Norwegian musicians, from trumpeter Tine Thing Helseth all the way to drummer Paal Nilssen Love, he runs both a record label, “Just for the Records” for Jazz and improvised music, and one of Oslo’s premier recording studios; Newtone Studio. Jensen’s playing is a solid as it is versatile, grounding those around him even in the most adventurous of musical environments. Jacobson is a modern-day marvel of percussive prowess. He is likely the most active Jazz drummer from Ireland and has worked with a long list of many of the most creative names in European Jazz music. He leads the band Redivider, with British saxophonist Nick Roth, and has received numerous awards for his music including the prestigious Fullbright Award. He is a musician that plays with both ears open. kl 24 Jonas Engell Solo !!!! Jonas Engell - sax Inside a tube: air flows, oscillates, sings, evolves in textures. Noise, microtones and the sound of saliva merge to harmonics. Instrument-specific experiments - permeated with extended techniques - that are full of melody. Constant sound-research is happening and improvised in every moment. december 2017 The month of december is here and that means christmas..but those of you who come at the monday club know very well that every monday is like christmas. Our resident artist this month is no other than the incredible Kasper Tranberg. Not only is he one of the finest trumpet players and improvisers in the western hemisphere, he is also a leading force on our scene in Denmark, showing the way and engaging all musics from jazz, rock, neo and everything in between. He plays with the young cats and the old cats. We first heard of him in the groundbreaking quartet who defined the sound of new Danish jazz in the 90´s "When Granny Sleeps". since then he has collaborated with as diverse artists as C.V. Jørgensen, Pierre Dørge New Jungle Orchestra, Hugo Rasmussen, T.S. Høeg, Marc Ducrets orchestras and Brother Yusef Lateef. For his residency he has assembled a core trio named KASPER TRANBERG TERZET consisting of the brilliant bassist and cellist Nils Davidsen, who is probably Tranbergs closest musical ally. He was a member of "Granny" as well and they released a wonderful duo album some years back on ILK. the third member of the trio is the incredible drummer Frands Rifbjerg. simply a major asset on the Danish jazzscene with his beautiful sound on the drums and clear musical message. the club will be open the first 3 mondays of december..and have a christmas/new years break..returning in full force january 8th. One more present for you: The Monday club is debuting a new concept called THE MONDAY BAND. The Monday Band was formed to focus on playing improvised music in a large ensemble and draws its members from the large vibrant group of improvisers in town and passing through. The idea is to have a international band with a open constellation which connects the improvising scene in Copenhagen and performs every week. The band will play minimal compositions, improvising concepts and graphic scores composed and arranged by the members of the band. the band will have a flexible lineup each week but with a core group of artists consistently there. we are testing it dec 4th and 11th and hopefully it will become fixed each monday at 7pm in 2018. Copenhagen has long needed a place where a steady workshop band could experiment with improvising in a large ensemble and the Monday Club is the place to do it so welcome to THE MONDAY BAND!



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