Maggot Heart [S] - Reveal [S]

17. februar 2018
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Maggot Heart [S] - Reveal [S]

Forsalg: 90kr / 120kr i dør! Swedish weird death punk Reveal (Sepulchral Voice Records) team up with Linnea Olsson's Maggot Heart (Teratology Sound & Vision) for a mission across Europe to raise chaos and cut you with their horrible knives. Maggot Heart: With Maggot Heart, Linnea Olsson (ex- Grave Pleasures & The Oath) works in a similar fashion, forcing ancient demons into urban contexts and rock uniforms that might have belonged to some forgotten post-punk hero. Her debut EP„City Girls“ was released in the spring of 2017 to widespread acclaim and has seen her performing at various festivals like Live Evil Berlin and Chaos Descends and going on a short tour with black metal band Occvlta. Review: Interview: Reveal: Reveal made themselves quite a name in 2011 with their first black/death offering, „Nocturne of Eyes and Teeth“ (Invictus Productions) - and then there was silence for a while. After a line-up change that has seen Gottfrid Åhman (No Future, ex-In Solitude) joining the ranks on bass, they unleaashed in 2016 their second effort called „Flystrips“, a strange fruit reeking of the obscurity of past necromantic activities but also bringing the sweet taste of ageless rock'n'roll, distorted through the prisma of a deranged punk rocker. Review: As unpredictable as their music is, both bands bring a much needed note of freshness in the often stale panorama of metal, belonging neither here not there and laying claim to the power of darkness in new forms. Unsafe and breaking new barriers.




Stengade 18,
København N, Danmark

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dato 17. februar 2018
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