Mandagsklubben 15. Januar 2018

15. januar 2018
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Mandagsklubben 15. januar 2018

kl 19 The Monday Band REEDS: Jędrzej Lagodziński, Andrius Dereviancenko, Gianluca Elia, Michał J. Biel BRASS: Andrej Ugoljew, Christian Tscherning Larsen, Tyge Jessen, Timothée Quost RHYTHM: Grzegorz Tarwid, Asger Thomsen, Halym Kim This time The Monday Band plays the music of Timothée Quost! kl 20 Jonatan Bak group Jedrzej Lagodzinski - tenor sax Torben Snekkestad - tenor sax and more Tomo Jacobsen - bass Jonatan Bak - bass Kresten Osgood - drums since returning from New York City a few months ago Jonatan Bak has been making waves in our town. He played an amazing solo show at the club in november and debuted a monster quintet together with Arvid Ingvarsson that same month. Here is yet another incredible band. This time featuring twin reed players Lagodzinski and Snekkestad - both highly expressive players, bass colleague Tomo Jacobson - who we know and love from his many performances at the monday club and our own Kresten Osgood on the drums. kl 21 Johanna Borchert / Stan Callewaert / Alex Dawo / Kresten Osgood Johanna Borchert - piano Stan Callewaert - bass Alex Dawo - bass Kresten Osgood - drums For her first residency concert Johanna Borchers has invited and old guessed it...Kresten Osgood to play with her. Joining them are two of the absolute best young bassists in Europe today!. from Germany: Alexander Dawo and representing Belgium: Stan Callewaert. this will be a real treat. Free improvisation for the future kl 22 Nacho Cordoba / Kresten Osgood the duo!!! Nacho Cordoba - electronic device of his own design Kresten Osgood - drums of his own choice Mr Cordoba has been living in Copenhagen for less than a year and has already become an important part of the puzzle with his very personal small sounds. While still in Spain he started performing at the Monday club as Fuego and working with such Copenhageners as Asger Thomsen in the duo Paula. This is a much anticipated meeting with Danish drummer Kresten Osgood. it will be small and big, abstract and concrete---and maybe none of those things. just be there! kl 23 LAWAAI LAWAAI is an instrumental trio based in Copenhagen. They improvise acoustic stories, triggered by imaginary visual, architectural and textural input. Extracting and deconstructing sonic impressions from the outside world, industrialization and nature, they reconstruct their own universe that breathes and grows as a living organism. Lawaai fights for a better world and against the separation between sound and music. Kamil Piotrowicz - piano Stan Callewaert - bass Jeppe Høi Justesen - drums kl 24 Kimestad / Osgood / Pfeil Erik Kimestad - trumpet Tobias Pfeil - guitar/sax/vox Kresten Osgood - drums This new exiting trio consists of two of Norways best new improvisers and Danish giant Kresten Osgood. These three very advanced players have worked together in various constellations but never in a trio before. This will be something to remember. stay up late. stay awake and be awoken



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