Mandagsklubben 22. Januar 2018

22. januar 2018
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Mandagsklubben 22. januar 2018

kl 19 Monday Band Line-up TBA kl 20 Askegraa Søren Nielsen: guitar Uffe Nørtoft: Pedalsteel This wonderful duo has been at the club several times. they play harmonic landscapes of sound. wide open spaces, long tones, they joy of vibrating strings. kl 21 Elia/Snekkestad/Borchert Gianluca Elia - sax Torben Snekkestad - extended sax Johanna Borchert - piano For her final residency concert, Borchert has invited two very different and highly creative players. Gianluca Elia is the best thing to happen from Italy since grappa and Snekkestad puts the Myse in Myseost...sorry.. both are mandagsklubben favorites and monster players. Snekkestad is in his own category when it comes to extended techniques on the horn and has been so for a decade. Elia is 10 years younger and represents the next generation of sounds coming from Italy. we are very lucky to have several of the major cats from the young Italian scene living here these years...among them Gianluca Elia, Luca Curio and Federico Corsini. kl 22 Gasiorek/Tangvik/Elia/Corsini Szymon Gasiorek - drums Kristian Tangvik - tuba Gianluca Elia - sax Federico Corsini - bass Strength, in the dark, handling weakness with: thousand of cute melodies that bounce in echo with: the impact of crude reason that has no longer enemy, outside, just in and in us are the unpredictable spheres of light. The Incorruptible values are bonding the essence of one, and many. kl 23 P Ø R R Frederik Fog - guitar, voc Andrius Derevanchenko - t sax, electronics Simon Forchammer - drums This trio consists of three musicians with their feet deeply planted in the improv scene of Copenhagen. They have come together to explore what the world feels like, when it is built up by small poprock melodies, simple structures in an atmosphere of improvisation. This will be their first concert. hopefully not their last! kl 24 OW+A Kaspar Ohne - Synths Helge Wenn - Drums & Electronics Nils Aber - Electric Bass OW+A consist of three german pioneers in "free improvised 4am warehouse kinda shit". People tend to dance frenetically whenever OW+A plays. That's dope and you should consider doing so as well. It's techno but it's live.




Slagtehusgade 5E,
København V, Danmark

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dato 22. januar 2018
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