Play-It! August 15Th

15. august 2017
Om arrangementet

Play-It! August 15th

The "I don't want summer to end" jam session :::pause::: More like "let's turn up & bring the heat" Copenhagen summer has been such a lame duck and we gotta do something about it. You know the drill... we'll be spinning vinyl inbetween jams and hosting short-sets from local performers. Pick up on new music you've never heard & stay on the beat. So, come & hang out or maybe test out that song you've been working on for so long. Play with your own crew or meet some new folks who'll spice up your thing. There it is folks. It's all laid out right in front of you. Will you come out of the gate running or stay back and relax while the music plays. Whichever way you roll, it's all good.