Play-It December 19Th

19. december 2017
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Play-it December 19th

Gløgg, Gløgg, Gløgg. It's the Final Play-It of 2017 ! Anstalten (10 year anniversary @ Stengade) performs a small set: Deadwood Celebration (LA tour send-off) performs a small set Wild Forest play their debut EP Artig Verner plays a short set. After the music program, it's freeform jams all night. Thanks to all the volunteers, musicians, and audiences for a great season. Who knows if we'll be back next year? Probably, maybe? Become a Play-It crew volunteer and help this musical community grow... because if you didn't know... talk is cheap and actions always speak louder than words. Peace!




Stengade 18,
København N, Danmark

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dato 19. december 2017
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