SHDW & Obscure Shape / Rune Bagge / Repro / Steen Kong And More

8. december 2017
Om arrangementet

SHDW & Obscure Shape / Rune Bagge / Repro / Steen Kong and more

Black Box: - SHDW & Obscure Shape - Rune Bagge - Repro Red Box: - Alex Papatheodorou - Jonas Rotne - Steen Kong SHDW & Obscure Shape founded From Another Mind in April of 2014, a party which brought their favorite artists to their hometown Stuttgart. Of course the natural progression from promoting a successful clubnight is founding an imprint that carries the night´s ideals on to the decks of likeminded DJs, and so the first From Another Mind record was released in 2015, a stellar debut for both the label and its producers. The “Nachtblende EP“ gained wide acclaim throughout the Techno community, with the tracks receiving support from scene stalwarts, bloggers and critics alike. Aside from Rekids, where they remixed Radio Slave's 'Vision' last year, the pair's abilities in the studio have seen them invited by Slam for two separate remixes on Soma. Their DJing fuses oldschool influences of Acid, Rave and EBM with the dramatic Techno sound one can hear on the FAM records. Though young at age, their record collection demonstrates musical knowledge some veterans can only hope to gain and they swiftly but thoughtfully moves through different periods of electronic music in their sets. Local support by Rune Bagge (Ectotherm / Fast Forward) and Repro (Euromantic / Fast Forward). In the cozier surroundings of Red Box, we bring Alex Papatheodorou, Jonas Rotne and resident Steen Kong to spin a carefully selected tune selection through the night. The bars are full of free Tuborg Gold between 11pm and midnight so come early.