Shlømo / Eliott Litrowski / Solid Blake / Alin / Ricq

19. januar 2018
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Shlømo / Eliott Litrowski / Solid Blake / Alin / Ricq

Black Box: - Shlømo - eliott litrowski - Solid Blake Red Box: - Alin - Ricq Shlømo is at the heart of the French techno underground. In just a couple of years he has swiftly emerged with his own distinctive sound, mostly on his own Taapion Records but also on influential labels like Delsin, Singular Records and Arts Collective. Balancing real feeling with all important dancefloor function, his sets and productions marry stark moods with absorbing atmospheres and for that reason have found favour with key techno tastemakers around the globe. He is supported in Black Box by French born, Copenhagen based Eliott Litrowski and Solid Blake from Apeiron Crew. Down in Red Box the vibe is slightly more cozy with KUNE's Alin and Ricq spinning the records. How to avoid being broke in January? We offer unlimited free Tuborg Gold between 11pm and midnight so get here early.




Kronprinsessegade 54 A,
København K, Danmark

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dato 19. januar 2018
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