Vinterjazz: Marc-Ernest Diab [Le]
+ Lawaai [Pl/Be/Dk]

14. februar 2018

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Vinterjazz: Marc-Ernest Diab [le] + Lawaai [pl/be/dk]

VINTERJAZZ 2018 Marc-Ernest Diab solo (LE) LAWAAI (PL/BE/DK) Kamil Piotrowicz - piano Stan Callewaert - bass Jeppe Høi Justesen - drums * * * Marc-Ernest Diab (Marc Ernest) is a jazz pianist (born 1982 Lebanon), self-taught and a student bassoon player in the Higher National Conservatory of Beirut. He is a regular performer in the Lebanese Jazz scene but his works are not limited to playing music, he’s also an educated musicologist and a dedicated researcher in Jazz Music. Marc Ernests’s interest in forgotten sounds led to a thorough research of Andalusian poems. The research culminated in an album called “Duende” which in Latin American mythology refers to a “goblin like creature”, musically the demon is manifested by a trance-like eerie feeling of simultaneous angst, excitement and melancholy. His upbringing in Beirut a city that survived a long civil war that is subject to constant instability and an urge to resurrect is apparent in his interpretation of the poems which fits the album name perfectly. In his concert Marc Ernests will explore “Duende” through music, which in Latin American mythology refers to a “goblin like creature”, musically the demon is manifested by a trance-like eerie feeling of simultaneous angst, excitement and melancholy. The journey starts within Andalusian poems in search of their forgotten sounds but it also has several stops in our time where feelings of angst and joy oscillate to cede space for the “Duende” within us. The album was issued in Lebanon in 2007 to a positive reception and since it has been played in several venues in Lebanon. The concert duration is approximately 60 minutes. * * * LAWAAI is an instrumental trio based in Copenhagen. They improvise acoustic stories, triggered by imaginary visual, architectural and textural input. Extracting and deconstructing sonic impressions from the outside world, industrialization and nature, they reconstruct their own universe that breathes and grows as a living organism. Lawaai fights for a better world and against the devision between sound and music. Kamil Piotrowicz (Poland, 1992) was nominated for the ‘Fryderyk 2017 Award’ in Poland for his second album ‘Popular Music’ with the Kamil Piotrowicz Sextet. In 2016 he won the ‘Young Creator of Culture’ prize of the city of Gdańsk, the scholarship of the Minister of Culture and the West Pomeranian scholarship. After finishing his bachelors at the Academy of Music in Gdańsk, he moved to Copenhagen where he is currently studying a masters degree in Music Performance. Kamil has performed all over Europe, including Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland. Stan Callewaert (Belgium, 1995) moved to Copenhagen in 2016 to study Music Performance at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory after finishing his masters degree in jazz at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp. In 2016 he released the well received album ‘Still’ with his Belgian trio Donder. Stan shared the stage with the likes of Randy Peterson, Kresten Osgood, Warren Smith, Bram Delooze and Frederik Leroux, and can be recognized by his rather unconventional, textural approach to the double bass. Jeppe Høi Justesen (Denmark, 1988) graduated from the RMC in Copenhagen in 2017 and has been a familiar face on the Danish experimental scene for multiple years. His interests in timbre and circular movements have transformed his playing into a more melodic and sensitive approach that can be heard in many different projects. Jeppe has been playing, touring and recording with artist such as Christian Kyhl, Laura Toxværd, Hellas, Kasper Tranberg, Kristian Tangvik, Eliot Cardinaux, Mia Dyberg and Mads Egetoft. Tickets: 100 DKK / stud: 50 DKK




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Blågårds Plads 6 A,
København N, Danmark

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dato 14. februar 2018
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