Vinterjazz: Radek Wosko Quartet

22. februar 2018

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Vinterjazz: Radek Wosko Quartet

The internationally renowned Polish drummer and composer Radek Wośko has almost 10 releases behind him. But for the last couple of years he has been vital to the jazz scene in Odense, where he is also finishing his studies at SDMK. With his most recent appraised release 'Atlantic', released at the prestigious MultiKulti Records, where the Jewish-American star guitarist Gilad Hekselman participates, Radek Wośko marks his special talent for great melodies, busy grooves and mature band management. At Vinterjazz in Odense he presents his latest music, written in collaboration with some of the best jazz musicians in Odense. ENTRE: Pay what you want (or PWYW) Aftenens line-up: Marek Konarski - saxofon Simon Krebs - guitar Mariusz Praśniewski - bas Radek Wośko - trommer




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dato 22. februar 2018
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