Where Seas Collide

20. februar 2018
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Where Seas Collide

Where Seas Collide Where Seas Collide is the Copenhagen based indie-folk duo consisting of Nanna-Karina Schleimann (DK) and Susanne van den Heuvel (NL). Two voices seamlessly blending so it is difficult to hear where one stops and the other one begins. They accompany themselves on guitar, ukulele and a loop station. Their music lets you wander. It creates a bubble, a barren landscape where their voices stand out, merge and echo. A universe for you to get lost in, and to possibly find your own story within theirs. Sondcloud: https://soundcloud.com/whereseascollide Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1zrZjJw9h7TsMmk9RYIM1R --- Gratis Entre Doors open: 19.45 Music starts: 20.00 ---



Trinitatis Natkirke

Landemærket 2,
København K, Danmark

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dato 20. februar 2018
event starter 11:45